Branding Overhaul

This is a pretty massive project that I have been working on at Adamson Design Group for Upward Unlimited. We are completely overhauling their branding and implementing a clean and streamlined look. It has been a labor intensive project applying the new brand to every facet of the company; however, it's also very rewarding to come up with the details and guidelines of their new brand and lay it out in an easy to digest book.

Custom Lettering for Amélie

Usually my graphic design work focuses on page layout. As I pour through Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media I have been amazed and inspired by hand-lettered logos. When I was a kid I was able to draw quite well. I look back at some of the drawings my mom kept and I'm pretty surprised by what I was able to do. Somehow over the years I have fallen out of practice. Working on the Livejoy photography logo fueled my interest in doing even more with hand-lettering.

A project that I have been thinking about doing for a while is a "logo" for my daughter. She is only about three months old but I wanted to create something that she would have as design that her daddy made for her. I started by sketching her name, Amélie, on paper and experimented with different ways for the letters to interact. After quite a few rounds of these sketches I picked my favorite and developed it a bit further. Once I got it roughed out I took a photo using my iPad and brought it into the Adobe ideas app. From there I used my Sensu Brush to create a vector first draft. I then brought it into illustrator and cleaned up the artwork. Von Glitcka showed me a plug-in for Illustator called Vectorscribe that makes cleaning up my artwork amazingly easy.

I will be adding the stages of my design on this post. Here are the highlights of the process so far. There is still a lot of work to be done, but isn't there always.